A selection of podcasts produced for the crees Foundation straight from their conservation research field station, located in the Peruvian Amazon.

How to celebrate Christmas in the jungle

Canadian field staff member, Kat, said goodbye to her home country almost nine months ago and with that, she also left behind cripplingly cold winters and newsworthy snowfalls. 

Now, Kat is looking forward to spending her first Christmas in the scientific enclaves of the Manu Learning Centre in the Amazon jungle - but how does she plan on making it just as unforgettable as every other season before it? 

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New frog species to the MLC Reserve

Commonly known as a Casque-headed treefrog, the Hemiphractus scutatus frog species had never before been spotted in the MLC Reserve.

Then a mother and her 12 babies were discovered by the Crees Foundation field research team. Sadly, they were dead, but being able to bring the frogs back to the project room for observation offered our researchers the unique opportunity to identify and document them in more detail.

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A selection of independently-produced audio projects.



Mix-ee Baby is a podcast about the little things – good, bad, ugly, and awesome – as they relate to the bigger themes of race, culture, and identity.

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Tsering Dondup, 68, fled Tibet when he was just a young boy and hasn’t returned since – and yet he sees his country everyday when he steps out of his home on Pangong Tso, which occupies a section of the border between India and Tibet. 

“In India, it is a democracy – we are living very peacefully and happy,” he says of the country which received him and more than 80 000 other Tibetans in 1959. “But I remember my country.”

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