Señor Doroteo is a resident of Salvación and a beneficiary of the crees Foundation’s biogarden project.

At 65 years old, he shows no sign of slowing down and makes regular trips into town with his wheelbarrow piled high with fresh produce to sell from his biogarden. But far beyond the tangible benefits of being able to produce enough food for his family and even, on occasion, his community, Señor Doroteo is proud of his garden and all that he has made it.


into the wild: manu national park expedition (promo, peru)

An overview of a crees Foundation expedition that takes volunteers into one of the most untouched and biodiverse places in the world: the Amazon rainforest.

Romero Lodge is a remote field site located in Manu National Park (southeast Peru) and is owned and operated by the crees Foundation. 


taking care of business: dung beetles in manu (Profile, peru)

In southeast Peru, there are 200+ known species of dung beetle - and PhD student, Laura Allen, has been busy collecting many of them. By comparing dung beetle communities in different forest types, she is hoping to determine what value these areas have for conservation. But what exactly goes into a dung beetle survey? And, of all of the animals in the Amazon...why the dung beetle? 


beyond the numbers: a human perspective on tibet's self-immolations (documentary, india)

Tibetans have been engaged in a protracted non-violent struggle for freedom since China's occupation of the region in 1949. But on February 27 2009, their protests took on a new shape when a young monk lit himself on fire. Since then, more than 90 Tibetans from all walks of life have burned themselves in protest against cultural and religious repression by the Chinese government.

But beyond the numbers, Tibet's self-immolators were also people - someone's daughter, nephew, cousin. Through some of their friends and relatives, they are remembered and their extreme actions contextualized.



With the help of volunteers and equipped with a mobile clinic, Dharamsala Animal Rescue (DAR) provides invaluable services to stray animals all over Himachal Pradesh, northern India.

From small animal surgeries to rabies vaccinations, this small but energetic team shows the rest of us what it means to have compassion for all living things.


Ready to rumble: wrestling in northern India (Profile, India)

In the former British hilltop station of Dharamsala, a crowd gathers around a make-shift sandpit. Dozens of men stretch, undress, wrap and adjust their "uniforms" - a regular pair of underwear or piece of cloth - as they prepare to take part in a local wrestling competition. One observer explains the rules of this amateur sport and the reason for its popularity in northern India.


Macinnes Mini-wisdoms (DOCUMENTARY, CANADA)

The MacInnes boys get in front of the camera just weeks before they embark on an exciting move that will take them from laid-back Vancouver Island, Canada, to the southern reaches of cheese-filled France.

So, how do they feel about it? In fact, how do they feel about most things at this age? Here's a brief snapshot - in motion - of the boys as they were in this moment of time.  


July 20th: the day after (NEWS, MALAWI)

A Blantyre resident speaks about the events of July 20th, 2011, when thousands of pro-democracy supporters took to the streets in opposition of Malawi's ruling Democratic Progressive Party and following a period of violent, nationwide civil unrest.

Two days of protest resulted in 18 deaths and countless citizen arrests.


Malawian journalism students visit local organization: AYISE (NEWS, MALAWI)

Journalism students from the Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) visit a youth center run by Active Youth In Social Enterprise (AYISE) in a Blantyre township. This was one of four visits to local community-based organizations arranged by the Journalists for Human Rights student chapter at MIJ as part of their outreach program.